Stop the Georgia Power Greed!

Are you fed up with high power bills?

Georgia Power’s utility bills are 5th highest in the nation. Now that Plant Vogtle’s costs are in your electricity bills, it is very likely that we are paying the highest electricity bills in the United States. That’s not right.

Take Action: file a complaint at the Georgia Public Service Commission. If enough people complain about high bills the media will report about this and state legislators will be forced to act.

On April 29th, 2024, the final reactor for Plant Vogtle entered commercial service. While there was much celebration from nuclear power supporters, no one seemed to care about what that meant for our electric bills. Here’s what happened to one person’s bill. This is not okay. Join the fight.

You deserve a Public Service Commissioner who cares about you.


Georgia’s Public Service Commission is responsible for regulating electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications. In every area the current commissioners have failed Georgians, shoveling massive profits to utilities no matter how poor the service. Worst of all, they allowed Georgia Power to build the most expensive power plant ever built on earth: Georgia’s Plant Vogtle. The Commission has required no consumer protections on cost overruns and is now a shocking $35.7 billion and still not done.

They let us down. Now it’s time to let them go.
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