Stop the Georgia Power Greed!

Why I’m Running

I watched my opponent, Tim Echols, allow Georgia Power to automatically enroll people on an expensive new rate plan which harmed people living in small dwellings who tend to be low income. I am running to hold my opponent accountable for that decision, and a 12-year voting record of supporting every Georgia Power rate increase.  

I volunteered on a homeless nonprofit hotline for 3 years and deeply understand the struggles of people who have nothing.

If I am elected I will ensure that cost overruns for the most expensive power plant ever built on earth, Georgia’s Plant Vogtle, are paid by Georgia Power and not by customers. It’s time for the people of Georgia to be represented by someone who cares about them and their utility bills.


Stop Corporate Greed

Expand Clean Energy

Lower Energy Bills

You deserve a Public Service Commissioner who cares about you.


Georgia’s Public Service Commission is responsible for regulating electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications. In every area the current commissioners have failed Georgians, shoveling massive profits to utilities no matter how poor the service. Worst of all, they allowed Georgia Power to build the most expensive power plant ever built on earth: Georgia’s Plant Vogtle. The Commission has required no consumer protections on cost overruns and is now a shocking $35.7 billion and still not done.

They let us down. Now it’s time to let them go.
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