If elected I will:

Protect and respect Georgians by keeping power on during heat waves and emergencies.

During the pandemic lockdown, the Public Service Commission let Georgia Power kick families off during the hottest months of the year. Over 35,000 homes were denied power, putting people’s lives at risk. Meanwhile, these same elected officials made sure Georgia Power didn’t lose a dime from the pandemic by paying all of their expenses.

No other state treated their people so badly. It’s time for new leadership in the PSC.

Create green jobs and renewable energy.

Georgia Power uses very little renewable energy in its generation mix, less than one-tenth. The commission has no requirements or goals for renewables, and has even blocked job creating rooftop solar from taking off. I will ensure Georgia follows the path other states have taken to grow renewables, like North Carolina’s 20% increase.

Create a plan to measure and reduce carbon emissions, and adapt to climate change and extreme weather.

In 2021 extreme heat killed hundreds of people and melted infrastructure out west; arctic temperatures hit Texas in February, also killing hundreds. Extreme heat has hit Georgia too. Yet Georgia is one of only 11 states with no plans for investing in clean energy or climate change mitigation. This failure risks our lives and costs billions of our tax dollars in damage. We don’t need to start from scratch: most of our neighbors have already done this.

Lower energy bills; stop big rate increases.

Residential rates have risen more than 24% in the past decade; we now pay the 4th highest bills in the country. Why did rates for industrial customers go down 10% during that same time period? Lobbyists. The PSC has been playing favorites and dumping the burden of their poor choices on residential and small/medium business for too long. I will prioritize protection of residential consumers from unfair rate increases and cost-shifting.

Ensure climate justice and protect frontline communities.

During the $2 billion rate increase hearings in 2019, Commissioners received evidence that such a large rate increase would push tens of thousands of people barely making ends meet into economic instability. These families were disproportionately Black and people of color. This commission, unlike our neighbors SC, NC and FL, and unlike the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, has no programs to address racial disparities in energy and instead increases rates again and again. We don’t need to start from scratch: most of our neighbors have already done this.

Rein in corporate waste at Plant Vogtle.

Costs for this power plant are now over $32 billion which makes it the most expensive power plant ever built on earth. This is more double what we were promised it would cost. The PSC has never put a cost cap on the project and all cost overruns are paid by electricity customers, not the for-profit utility.

I will ensure that cost overruns are paid in part by the utility, and more fairly divided among different types of customers instead of mostly falling on residential customers.