Volts podcast: 99 percent renewables - January 18 - A conversation with Jan Pepper of Peninsula Clean Energy.

by MYTH: “We need nuclear because renewable energy is intermittent and “the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine”. | Actually, many U.S. states and countries around the world have very high amounts of renewables energy on the grid right now. Baseload, or firm energy, is no longer a requirement of a stable grid.

Energy Transition Podcast: Climate Optimism - July 26 - Chris Nelder is joined by guest Hannah Ritchie.

by MYTH: “We need nuclear because the amount of energy the world needs is so huge that only nuclear energy can meet all that future demand for clean energy.” | The transition to zero carbon energy does not require 1 for 1 replacement of renewables to fossil fuel energy production. Fewer renewables are needed because two-thirds of fossil energy is wasted as heat.

Volts Podcast: Utilities are blocking affordable clean energy - Feb 10 - A conversation with David Pomerantz of the Energy and Policy Institute.

by LIE: "Plant Vogtle is another incredible example of how Georgia Power is building a reliable and resilient energy future for our state,” said Kim Greene, chairman, president and CEO of Georgia Power. | The truth is that Georgia’s electricity rates would be far lower – as much as 40% lower, if Southern Company and Georgia Power weren’t working to maximize shareholder wealth rather than meeting its obligations to produce clean energy at the lowest possible cost.