About Patty Durand

Patty is an energy professional who cares about people. She spent the last 10 years leading a nonprofit educating people about energy.

Patty has volunteered and worked at the Sierra Club and Sandy Springs Greenspace, and homeless organizations such as Lost & Found Youth and North Fulton Community Charities. She has helped homeless and at-risk families as they struggle to stay housed and pay bills.

Patty is running because her opponent represents utility interests, not yours.

She watched her opponent, Tim Echols, allow Georgia Power to automatically enroll people on an expensive new rate plan when they move into a newly constructed apartment, condo or home beginning in January 2021. This plan, called “Smart Usage” is not smart. It’s punitive and costs those people 30-45% more for electricity than if they were on a traditional rate plan. Even worse, the monthly bill hides a large fee called a “Demand Charge”, and provides no information to help people avoid or lower that fee. No other commission allows their utility to treat people so disrespectfully. She is running to hold her opponent accountable for that decision and many others that he made that harms people. She brings deep knowledge about energy and respect for people to the job.

Patty will ensure that costs from the most expensive power plant ever built on earth, Georgia’s Plant Vogtle, doesn’t push Georgia electric bills into 1st place. This likely scenario will only be avoided if the current commissioners are held accountable by voting them ALL out of office, starting with the first one up for election: her opponent.

Patty has an MBA from the College of William & Mary and a B.S. in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. Patty likes to spend free time with her extended family.


Patty will work to protect Georgians from further rate increases. Our power bills are already the 4th highest in the nation. The current commission lavishes rich profits on Georgia Power, yet requires no bill pay assistance for those who fall behind. No other state treats their people so badly.

Patty Durand and her extended family